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League of Legends game to rake in $1 billion by the year-end

League of Legends, the multiplayer free online game launched in 2009 has become one of the leading game titles and had projected $1 billion by year end. The game’s fourth world championship will be held in a soccer stadium in Seoul, South Korea in Oct. 19.League_of_Legends_LOGO

Riot Games, a California based company follow a different business model has has attracted over 27 million daily active players has 67 million monthly players. Marc Merrill, co-founder of Riot Games feels that the regular tournaments help the company in marketing, bring in new players and loyalty yo regulars. The game is similar to the “Lord of the Rings” and players can purchase “champions” for less than $10. Players have spent $122 million in August to buy in-game content, according to SuperData, a market research firm. The game has found number of users between the age of 15 to 25.

The fourth tournament is named as The Summoner’s Cup that will bring over 40,000 fans and millions will take part online. Gamers can highlight Reel in the League of Legends game to track the progress of results. Cloud9, one of the teams in the tournament quarterfinals explains the progress of 100,000 players over a period of 10,000 LoL games. The company aims to generate revenue from merchandise in 40 to 50 categories like T-shirts, game characters and many more through an online store.

SuperData mentions that the game is a market leader with 8 times more players than Dota 2 which is also multiplayer based, free to play and uses simple mouse and keyboard controls. Riot games was started by three entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and was funded by more than two dozen investors from Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital that totalled to $18 million. The company’s headquarters is based in California and employs a total of 1,500 including smaller offices.

Get latest updates on the League of Legends World Championship 2014 here. The live matches will be streamed through Twitch on this website.

The game has been played online for over six years and the makers have published interactive video animations of the movements of around 100,000 players playing the game. The video released by a gaming platform shows more than 10,000 League of Legends games being played by gamers worldwide. Starting from the very beginning to defeating monsters and playing in team modes with other players, everything is depicted in the videos. Check out the video here.

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