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League of Legends Summoner’s Cup trophy requires 5 people to lift it

The whole gaming world is about to witness a sensational event, a tournament of League of Legends. Riot Games, the company who developed this multiplayer online game, is all set to crown a champion. The professional players who are competing in this event will have to beat all others to win the much coveted trophy. Officially called the Summoner’s cup it takes about 5 people to lift this huge trophy, which is nothing short of a fantasy prop in itself.league-of-legends-world-championship-trophy

League of Legends has been played in online events since the very year of its launch. Back in 2009 when people played it on a competitive level, nobody thought it would grow so much. Now players from all over the world are in Seoul for the championship. The user base is increasing day by day and such tourneys are a great way to shake things up in the gaming world. The excitement is flowing online as the e-sports’ main event date is getting closer. October 19 is the date when the battle arena gets hot. Both fans and participants gear up for this exclusive stage.

The arena will be full of screens and packed with lots of cheering fans around, all in for the gaming spirit and showing love towards the League of Legends. Winning the Summoner’s Cup will not be an easy task. The players need efficient role playing and game strategy in all the stages of their play time. Choosing a champion and capitalizing on its strength is key. Also, knowing the weakness of your opponent–the remaining 119 champions, can turn the tables on this video game.

There will be many fans watching the game being played live online and more than 40,000 will be at the arena as well. The e-sports’ main event is going to be the greatest battleground for professional gamers. Riot Games are expected to earn around $1 billion at the end of the championship.

Get latest updates on the League of Legends World Championship 2014 here. The live matches will be streamed through Twitch on this website.

The game has been played online for over six years and the makers have published interactive video animations of the movements of around 100,000 players playing the game. The video released by a gaming platform shows more than 10,000 League of Legends games being played by gamers worldwide. Starting from the very beginning to defeating monsters and playing in team modes with other players, everything is depicted in the videos. Check out the video here.

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