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Quip adds spreadsheets to compete with Microsoft Office, Google and others

Quip is one of the very few self proclaimed productivity suite that aims to bring everything of need in one place. The self proclaimed productivity application spanning across devices and allowing the users to share documents, messages and other things as well on the move. The application aims to bring the individuals related to business under one sector and to serve literally all their needs. Quip has taken a major step in fulfilling the aim with the introduction of their recent update. The simple update released by Quip allows the integration of spreadsheet which will certainly add a complete different dimension to the sphere.larger-14-QUIP-App-spreadsheets1

According to the update, Quip Spreadsheets will allow the users to share data directly on the application. Previously in situations where data needed to be exchanged, the users had to attach the spreadsheets. According to the company, this whole new concept will make things much easier for the users. The approach is a completely different one, but has been integrated to Quip in a simple way.

The spreadsheets will be a part of the document in case you want them to be. The various features like formulas, data formatting, etc. will also be available, which makes Quip spreadsheet, nothing less than the others. In addition, the integration of the spreadsheets will mean that the data can also be easily referenced in the documents making the sharing of data even easier.

Since, Quip Spreadsheets is not something separate, working with it will also be extremely easy as per the developers. Quip spreadsheets can be added easily by just clicking ‘insert’ and then selecting the ‘spreadsheet option’.

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