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Apple’s design head John Ive cleared his resent on ‘Copycats’

John Ive is the probably the man behind the design of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched recently by Apple. Although John Ive has joined Apple not so long ago, it seems that the man has developed a special connection with the company and his work. The quality of the work done by Ive is not at all questionable, but the deep connection that he has developed with Apple Inc. is very interesting. When in talks with Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter about various things ranging from iPhone 6 to the so called ‘copycats’ to Apple Watch, John Ive revealed quite a few secrets.John Ive clears his resent on ‘Copycats’

The connection that John Ive has developed with Apple Inc. became very clear when one of the men in the audience inquired about his views on Xiaomi. Xiaomi is more often than not termed as the ‘Apple’ of China. The response was strong and clear enough about the views that he has for Xiaomi. In the return statement, John Ive termed the reference of Xiaomi as ‘Apple of China’ as an act of theft and injustice on Apple’s part.

John Ive also talked freely about the kind of work that he does at Apple. The designer at Apple Inc. has a team of 16 to 17 members, who work solely to put in more creativity into the apple devices. According to a statement made by John, the main aim is to make a device which works in a beautiful manner rather than making a beautiful device that works ugly. Apple is known for the quality of the products and John plans to keep it that way only.

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