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The 2015 C-Class Sedan’s Recall Issued by Mercedes Benz Worldwide

Mercedes has issued recalls for a substantial number of C-Class Sedans throughout the world. This states a striking number of 10,000 in the US alone. The reason put forward by the car-maker for recalling is that the steering of the vehicle may fail.2015-mercedes-c-class

The steering interlock may have been disrupted and turned into a locked mode at an assembly point, according to Donna Boland, who is the spokesperson for Mercedes in the US. The problem with C-Class models of Mercedes was found in Europe as they were assembled elsewhere and not at the same place as the US.

The C-Class Sedans of Mercedes are found flawless in the US, but taking a call for quality, the company has issued a recall throughout the world.

The officials of the company have not made it clear as to how many vehicles are being recalled to be precise but the number is whopping. The engineers of the company have not yet found out the injury that was made while manufacturing the Sedans.

At the beginning of the year, Mercedes had called up 253,000 C-Class Sedans that were manufactured in 2008-11. These cars possessed problem with the wiring in the taillights that could spark a fire in the car. This action was taken up by the car maker after investigation was done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Mercedes has maintained good quality composure for a good number of years and with the recent approach towards recalling, the company has taken the quality control to the next level.

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