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10000 League Of Legends Games In 30 Seconds: Multiplay in Style

The most popular multiplayer online game, League of Legends by Riot Games is here again with its World Championship competition. Players from all around the world take part in this championship and try to win the trophy by winning the video game. Professional League of Legends players jump in with great intensity every year. League of Legends started as a desktop video game but turned into e-sports as it evolved. The game is involves battling by role-playing a champion of your choice.league-of-legends

The game is being played online for over six years and the makers have published interactive video animations of the movements of around 100,000 players playing the game. The video released by a gaming platform shows more than 10,000 League of Legends games being played by gamers worldwide. Starting from the very beginning to defeating monsters and playing in team modes with other players, everything is depicted in the videos.

Many fans and crazy players who love the game play it regularly. The online battlefield is an adventurous place full of actions and fighting. Though the players remain physically tuned into the game outside, but inside they are using the skill set of their chosen hero to defeat the enemy base and conquer it. Playing against players from different parts of the world and getting a platform to showcase your gaming skills is what makes League of Legends special for gamers.

The interactive 30 second videos are full of intense play. You can see the early stages, mid-game stages and the late-game stages in them. The game has diverse heroes to choose from and you have to increase its strength as you proceed with the game and take on challenges. The late-game stage exhibits players fighting the dragon. Players can step in many shoes while playing this game. Different roles in League of Legends are the carry, the support, the mage, the tank and the jungler.

More details: The New York Times

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