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Video: Hawk and drone collide in the Cambridge sky

A drone owned by Christopher Schmidt was flying in the skies around the Magazine Beach Park park in Cambridge, Massachusetts when a Hawk collided with the machine. The hawk attacked the drone as the machine has invaded its territory while the drone was diverted to avoid causing any injury.


Schmidt, a computer programmer had attached a GoPro Hero3+ camera to his FC40 drone that was brought six months back. He already noticed the hawk circling and wanted to move away when the bird attacked. The whole footage was captured and garnered over 1,600,000+ views in YouTube. Schmidt regularly flies his drones with his daughter and wanted to take videos of trees changing color.

“In the end, as far as I can tell, the hawk was uninjured,” said Schmidt.

Though Schmidt initially wanted to shoot the bird footage, he withdrew after the bird collided. The bird was later found perched on a tree without problems, he added. The throttle of the drone was reduced to minimize the risk, though the drone suffered minor damage. Drone regulation is a controversial topic as it can disrupt wildlife by infringing natural airspace.

Recently, the National park Service banned the use of unregulated drones over Yosemite National Park as it can affect the habitat. However, drones remain a source of brilliant footage that can be captured from the airspace like eruption of volcanoes, wildlife and many more.

Check out the Video below:

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