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144,000 ‘Right to be forgotten’ requests to keep Google busy

Google is getting busier with more than 144,000 ‘Right to be forgotten‘ requests from people in the European Union and four other countries. EU court had ruled that Europeans can request Google and other search engine companies to remove content that can affect their reputation.google-logo-screen-closeup


The transparency report was released by Google on Friday revealed that there has been 1,000 requests per day since May when the company started accepting requests. The company has removed 170,506 page links out of the 500,000 links that were requested. The company declined to remove the remaining 237,561 (58.2 percent). Ever since the European Court of Justice ruling, Google has been busy reviewing the requests by users.

The decision made the company frustrated in a way as the search engine seeks to make all information accessible to users around the world. The decision was criticized by calling it a disappointing ruling for search engine and online publishers. Most of the links that were erased were in Facebook followed by Google’s own YouTube. The company is working hard to process the number of requests and also determine which one should be removed.

France with 28,898 removal request was leading, Germany with 24,979 requests followed by the UK with 18,304, Spain with 13,316 and Italy with 11,379. Google has provided some examples of the links that were taken down and those which were not. An advisory council was formed by the company to discuss and debate certain requests. Google is holding a couple of meetings during the Europe tour on the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling and has urged EU users to provide suggestions via an online form.

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