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Google Now is better than Siri and Cortana, shows the new study

The question that often puzzles me is that when the human brains are smart enough to design smartphones, then why do we actually need smart searching features like voice activated search, etc.. Voice search is a feature which is available in most of the modern day smartphones with the so called purpose of aiding us in our search. Just like me, many others surely do feel that there is no actual need of voice activated search engines, but we have it. Android phones have Google Now, iOS teams up with Siri and Windows devices have Cortana.Study shows that Google Now better than Siri and Cortana

Just like the competition between Android, Windows and iOS, these voice-controlled search engines also hold a strong competition amidst them and Google Now is by far the best.

According to a recent study conducted by consulting group Stone Temple, Google Now has a high percentage of correct answers. The consulting teams asked all the three voice-controlled search engine exactly 3,086 different questions. The questions asked by the team had clear and exact answers like the answer of a mathematical equation.

Study shows that Google Now better than Siri and Cortana

Once the exam was completed, it was seen that Google Now gave approximately 88% correct answers compared to 53% of Siri and 40% of Cortana. The result clearly shows that Google Now provides a better service to its users compared to others. Some people are also taking this as an outright victory of Google over Apple. According to the experts, Google’s supremacy in the field of searching the internet also gives Google Now an edge over Siri and Cortana.

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