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Zynga revamps Words With Friends game app for iOS and Android

Zynga has re-launched the Words With Friends app for iPhone, iPad and iPad that have over 55 million players worldwide at any time. The revamped app includes new animations, simple navigation, better interactive system and improved gameplay. The revamped game is also available for Android users on Google Play Store.Words-with-Friends

Since its launch in 2009, more than 7.7 billion games have been played. The company states that the game has been made for sleeker, smarter and more social. The new app has brought in solo play that do not require internet which users have been requesting. Users will be able to play against the computer and will automatically set the skill level.

“Mobile habits are changing. People want to play on their own schedule at any time,” said Jonathan Knight, VP of Zynga.

Knight added that he wants to create more ways to play and the game to match the players’ lifestyle. The game challenges the player to create words that carry points and can be played against family, friends or a random opponent. As a part of the celebration for the new app an infographic was released which show that 58 billion words have been played, the top scorers in the world and about 5,478 words have been played only once.

The in-game dictionary has been improved, a word of the day to increase vocabulary and community matches for personalized contests are the other new features. Players can also view their profile for game stats, wins and losses. The game was named by the Apple App Store for the best free game and the newly released app is now available for download.

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