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There are more mobile devices than the number of people in the world

Technology has outpaced many different beliefs in the world, but the impossible has now come to the brink. Who could have thought that mobile devices would actually outnumber the number of people in the world one day? Yes, today, there are more mobile devices in the world than the people.

Smartphones, tablets and regular phones have actually beaten the quantity of people existing on earth. According to the stats, there are 7.230 billion mobile devices as compared to 7.197 billion people existing in the world.

A research has recently been made showing how the mobile devices have outnumbered the number of people existing in the world. These devices are growing at a phenomenal rate of 1.2 percent annually, which is surprising.

The Chairman of Spencer Trask & Co. stated, “”No other technology has impacted us like the mobile phone. It’s the fastest growing man-made phenomenon ever — from zero to 7.2 billion in three decades.”

The basis of the research has, however, remained to be the number of mobile connections taken by people over the world and not the active devices. It is quite common these days to use a dual-SIM device and hence the claim cannot be properly justified.

As of today, GSMA’s real-time tracker puts the number of mobile devices at 7.23 billion, whilst the US Census Bureau shows the number of people is still just below the 7.2 billion mark.


There are 3.6 billion unique global mobile subscribers that mark a rise of 5.35 percent when compared to the figures of 2013. Kimberlin has stated that there is a long way to go before everyone in the world is connected. A group effort is being laid out to help the people get connected to one another throughout the world.

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