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The old school GIF modernized by Imgur for the 21st century users

GIF is an age old format for pictures, but the world has been modernized and so will the GIF format. The responsibility for modernizing GIF has been taken up by Imgur. The GIF images will now be compressed and converted into a manageable format by Imgur. All this will be done in “Project GIFV.”imgur-gifv

The Blog Post of Imgur read, “The cornerstone of Project GIFV is a platform-wide upgrade to automatically convert uploaded GIF files on the fly into the MP4 video format. The converted MP4s are significantly smaller than their equivalent GIFs, which allows them to load at lightning-fast speeds with better quality. By lowering bandwidth consumption, the change also optimizes Imgur for users on mobile. Rejoice!”

Imgur had previously posted a sequence from the movie “Tron” that consisted of some new captions in order to promote “Project GIFV”. With this stint, Imgur reduced as much as 50MP GIF to 3.4MB MP4. The loading speed has also excelled with it.

Imgur has also been going through a couple of changes with the introduction of “Project GIFV”. The first change comes through the fact that users will be able to boggle 50MB files instead of 5MB limit presented to the users before.

The conversion process will enable the MP4 videos to have. GIFV extension along. These can easily work on the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to Facebook, the images will directly be shown through the News Feed post. The age old animated GIF will be a ‘gone thing’ now on Facebook.

The company’s blog post read, “The intention is to signal to users throughout the Internet that these links will feature a GIF experience that incorporates all the current and future enhancements made through Project GIFV. Imgur plans to submit an accompanying specification to relevant standards organizations before the end of the year.”

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