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Ello, a social networking site without advertisements

Ello, the newly launched social-network touted to be anti-Facebook and promises that it would not track users or sell advertisements. The platform was a result of a private meeting ground for designer Paul Budnitz 90 friends.ello-social-media

During an interview, CEO Paul Budnitz clears the speculation that the company would eventually sell data or advertisements and confirms that they would never do that. The founder of the company has a vision and are committed to their ideology. He says that he felt the clutter of social media sites and it was hard to find his friends who were hidden by advertisements.

Lucian Föhr and Todd Berger,the CEO’s friends helped in creating the site and slowly more users wanted to join and the site reached its peak with 40,000 to 50,000 users joining an hour. The team is also working constantly to clear the bugs in the beta mode social network. As users question Ello’s business model, Budnitz stated that their business model would be based on Apple’s app store and users can buy features to use on the website with a few dollars.

Judith Donath, a faculty fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Center claims that the social network will eventually die down as there is nothing new and users are bored with Facebook. The company aims to be a small company with a team to build the infrastructure and remain profitable. They also do not aim in creating a social media empire like Facebook, but remain as a good networking site. Budnitz added that they were not competing with Facebook. Currently, Facebook has more than 1.23 billion users and Ello has emerged as a competitor to the site.

Do you know – even Google’s social network Google+ has no advertisements yet!

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