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Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer not on talking terms as Ballmer blamed for failure

Microsoft has been more often that not considered to be the face of Silicon Valley but it is far from it in reality. The world of Technology depends a lot on the expectations and the statements made by the experts in the field. Most of the experts had made statements stating their expectations from Microsoft, but somewhere down the line the huge tech giant failed to deliver. Despite Microsoft’s consistent run in the profit region, the organization is far from where it could have been. The person to be blamed for this stagnant position is none other that Steve Ballmer, who was hand picked by Bill Gates himself.Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer not on talking terms as Ballmer blamed for Microsoft’s failure

According to the reports, the situation between Ballmer and Bill Gates is such that the two people prefer not talking to each other at present. Interestingly, Steve Ballmer was initially hand picked by Bill Gates and was appointed as the successor to Gates in the year 2000. Since then, the company has not made any actual path breaking contribution to the world of technology. Steve Ballmer was never one of the appreciated heads at Microsoft as there were many instances where the CEO was found to be lashing out at employees. During his reign of 14 years at the helm, the second CEO of Microsoft has made a very dark corner for himself leading to the downfall of the position of the company.

Under Steve Ballmer, Microsoft had taken in quite a few enterprises with the aim to make some drastic changes. Microsoft launched the Bing search engine, Zune Music player and its endeavor in the field Smartphone. None of the initiatives worked, which meant that Microsoft was no longer the most valuable company on Earth. Presently Microsoft holds the fourth position after Apple, ExxonMobil and Google. The majority of the blame for this lackluster performance goes to Mr. Ballmer which also probably leads to his sudden resignation.

According to the rumors, it was not just the decision of  Mr. Steve Ballmer to step down from the post of CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates and Satya Nadella, the present CEO of Microsoft also played pivotal roles. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer had more frequent issues during the later part of Ballmer’s term as Microsoft’s CEO. The things had gone so much out of the blocks that Steve Ballmer resigned suddenly without prior notice. The once favored Steve Ballmer, is presently not even on talking terms with Bill Gates. According to the experts, the situation that Microsoft find themselves in, Satya Nadella will have to work under his skin to bring back the old glory of Microsoft. The Silicon Valley will have to wait and watch, how the events unfold!

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  1. "The company has not made any actual path breaking contribution to the world of technology."

    Hyperbole much? You, as so many other technology writers seem to be completely oblivious to the enterprise side of Microsoft. Stop trying to compare Microsoft to Google and Apple, they are a unique beast in the realm of technology.

    Lync, Exchange, Hyper-V, SharePoint, System Center, Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics are all ground-breaking technologies that were either started, or grew exponentially under the reign of Ballmer. They are all meant for business, so most people are oblivious to them.

    The truth is, Microsoft has made countless "path breaking contributions" to the technology world – stop confusing the "world of technology" with the "end consumer." The real technological "path breaking" innovations take place in conference rooms of the world, not the fancy store at your local shopping mall.

    All of the consumer facing aspects of Microsoft are meant to be more for brand recognition, and are miniscule endeavors when compared to products being developed for business and education. Microsoft has an entire division that can basically print money (Services division) that most people don't even know about.

  2. Agree with Brad Groux's comment wholeheartedly about the enterprise contributions but writer also ignore other innovations even in the consumer space e.g. Kinect, Bing's Recent Growth (powers Siri), RoomAlive Virtual Reality, Piezoelectric Sensors, and the new inroads seen from Surface Pro 3.

  3. Agreed, Microsoft Research has had many tremendous breakthroughs, especially as of late.

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