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Samsung unveils a video of Galaxy Note 4 drop tests

With Apple having a hard time with Bendgate and Hairgate issues, companies are spending more time in testing and trying to avoid any trolls post launch. Samsung is also launching its latest smartphone in October–Galaxy Note 4. Like iPhones from Apple, Note also comes from a successful series by its parent company. The South Korean company has revealed a drop-test video, revealing the toughness of Note 4 just before the launch of the phone.galaxy-note-4-drop-test

A drop-test means that products are tested by dropping them from a significant height and at various angles. Companies have devised such methods at the testing stages and Samsung making this video public tells everybody that Galaxy Note 4, a bigger phone easily passes the drop-test. Unlike large phones by Apple that landed up in controversy, Samsung’s 5.7-inch smartphone is way ahead the rival in terms of toughness. Industrial testing and dropping the phones from different heights inside a metal box has made everything clear to the customer about the build quality and durability.

Samsung is publishing many kinds of Note 4 testing videos. Drop-testing on metal floors, granite floors, rough surfaces resulted in a scratch proof undamaged phone. Assuring customers like this is a great strategy used by Samsung.

Samsung has gained positive response from the video as people like the company’s upfront honesty about their phone’s performance. People are eager to grab the latest flagship phone and the video has made them even more impatient. Apple’s loss will be Samsung’s gain.

Want to see the Note 4 drop-test? Have a look at the industrial testing video:

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