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Apple Pay: Now Every Purchase is Just a Touch Away

Apple, the company who gave ultimate power to your fingers with the touchscreen devices, is back with a really innovative technology. Apple is all set to revolutionize the online payments and transactions with its latest offering Apple Pay. After the launch of iOS 8 and both new iPhone models, it is clear that the company’s goal is to make everything bigger and better for their customers.apple-pay-screenshots

Apple pay solves a problem most of us encounter on a daily basis. iPhone and Apple Watch users will now enjoy easier payment options from October 2014. Apple pay helps every customer by removing the dependability on the wallet and also eliminates the hassle of searching an array of cards every time you shop.

A breakthrough in terms of financial transactions online, Apple Pay is easy, secure and private. You can purchase or pay your bills with just one touch and rely on the seamless technology for the rest. Apple phones have inbuilt touch recognition, which acts as an ID for the payments you make with Apply Pay. Just touch and transfer, with the help of Near Field Communication. Verification happens through the finger, which means you are completely secure. For Apple Watch users have to double-click every time they make a payment.

Apple is pioneering payments technology as the whole process is made extremely simple. The neat design and convenient checkout facility are highlights on Apple Pay. Add your cards one time and you don’t have to look for them again. Just pay up with a single touch and you are good to go. All payments you make are private as Apple does not save them. Passbook is a field with the recent purchase information and you can add a new card by selecting a new default in Settings.

All the major credit card and debit cards can be linked with Apple Pay. You can go ahead with VISA, Master Card and even American Express.

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