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Google rolls out Chrome apps, which takes web offline out of browser to desktop

Google released it’s Chrome “packaged apps”, which will work independently without internet (almost all, except very few).


Last time Google has released Chrome browser on 2008 September, which was a huge hit and changed the way of browsing with the introductions of extensions and chrome addons. Now, the release of packaged apps will set a new milestone for the way of using internet, applications.

Experts says, this is one of the ways to defeat Microsoft’s Windows OS like a slow poison, which could eat up the Windows programs and applications in few years. There will be huge crowd of Chrome apps developers, who might replace almost each paid Windows software available in the market for free.

Previously known in development mode as Chrome packaged apps, it gives the ability to the web developers to bring their websites or online tools into single-serving apps to work as normal Windows apps & programs. Currently this feature is available on Windows version of Google Chrome browser only. Apps for Chromebook’s Chrome OS, Mac and Linux is in works and will be released soon.

If you want to try out some apps before your friends do, just head-over to the For your desktop section in Chrome Web Store. There are some very important daily use apps like Google Keep, VNC Viewer etc available as well as some good time pass games such as Tank Riders & Spelunky.

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