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Top interesting features of Microsoft Windows 10

Last week, the latest iteration of  Windows was previewed in San Francisco. They oddly named it Windows 10, instead of Windows 9 which most of us were expecting it to be. Here I have provided the top things that you need to know about the upcoming Windows 10.microsoft-windows-10

The Start Menu: Finally, Microsoft realized that ditching the Start Menu of Windows in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 was a big blunder. They tried to rectify that mistake by making a hybrid Start Menu in the upcoming Windows 10. It looks like as if Windows 8 start menu and Windows 7 start menu had a baby and that’s the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Resizable Start Menu: The start menu in Windows 10 is adaptive, when apps are added to the start menu, the start menu resizes it all by itself. You can also resize the start menu to make it taller or broader as per your wish by just dragging it.

Windowed Apps: This is a welcome add-on to the new operating system, with new Windows 10, all the Windows applications from the market place will run in windowed mode.

Four Windows Simultaneously: You can do split multitasking with up to 4 apps by Just drag them to the corners. This will allow you to run 4 different apps in the Windows 10 operating system.

Suggestion by Assist for Snap Apps: As soon as you snap a window to the corner, you will be assisted for suggestions to snap other available apps.

Virtual Desktops: This will be a new addition made for the first time for the Windows operating system. This a very useful feature for those, who believe in hard-core multi-tasking. There is a new icon called “task-view icon”, which is added to the task bar. Click on the task view icon, then click over the add button, this will let you to run virtual desktop in the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

Recent Files: After opening your File Explorer, click on the “HOME” menu and then you can see the “Favorites”, “Frequents” and you “Recent Files.”

File Sharing: On the new Windows 10 operating system, you can share files faster than ever. You can check the new share option on the right side of the file explorer. Select a file, click on SHARE to share the files via various options.

Switch back to Metro UI: Just in case for some reason, if you aren’t comfortable with the new start screen, then you can go back to the METRO UI of Windows 10. On task bar, right click->properties->start menu tab-> uncheck “USE THE START MENU INSTEAD OF START SCREEN”. Now, you will be forced to sign out and once you’re signed in, you BOOM you are greeted with the METRO UI of windows 8.

Better and thinner Window Borders: There is a new look to the Windows in Windows 10 and it is thinner, which looks sleeker and adding aesthetics to the OS.

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