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Facebook to launch peer-to-peer payments service via Messenger soon

Facebook is broadening its spectrum with customers in the current times and the new badge it has obtained is because of the ability to facilitate peer-to-peer payments. The Facebook users will now have an upper hand in sending payment to their friends over the social media. This feature will soon be embedded into the regular working of the social media.facebook-messenger-payment-service

Stanford University’s Computer Science student Andrew Aude has spotted an inactive Facebook feature to send payment to friends. Hence, there are speculations that the feature would soon be incorporated into Facebook. The users can simply hit a button and the payment would be transferred to the friend in need.

The debit card can be associated with the Facebook account and hence, the payments could become hassle free. In order to provide an extra column of security to the payment process, an in-app pin code is provided. All the transactions are kept private and not shown in the news feed of the social media.

Facebook has been always keen on diving into the mobile payments cordon. The hint of the same was received when CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced in the company’s Q2 earnings report that the Facebook Messenger and Payments would be overlapped in the coming time.

The current VP of Messaging Products at Facebook was actually the former president of PayPal. Hence, the social media would get a clear cut method on how to facilitate this scheme of peer-to-peer payment. It is yet unclear if Facebook will charge any amount for such transactions though.

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