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Update for Windows 7 users will offer Windows 10 preview for free

The Technical Previews have begun taking place as Microsoft is taking the feedback for the upcoming operating system Windows 10. The way Microsoft is testing Windows 10 Technical preview is through the Windows Update, and that is available for Windows 7 users too.microsoft-windows-10

Microsoft has started delivering a Technical Preview of Windows 10 to the Windows 7 users. This will enable the Windows 7 users have a look at the upcoming Windows software and give their feedback on the same. Microsoft thinks it as a great method of Microsoft to check the alignment of Windows 10 with the audience.

It will work like any other update and the Windows will recognize and install it, if the automatic update installation feature is enabled on your computer. However, Microsoft has not talked anything about the update process so far and it is still unclear whether the above mentioned method would work as a distribution method for the upcoming Windows 10.

For the Windows 7 users, it is easy to see the Technical Preview of Windows 10. For this, they have to simply sign up for the Windows Insider Program and install a small file. It is queer and interesting fact how Microsoft will handle the distribution of Windows 10 upon its official release in the market.


This is not the first time, where Microsoft distributed the latest Operating System through Windows Update, it has previously issued Windows 8.1 to the users of Windows 8 via the same method. The stranger and the most interesting concept here is that Microsoft has delivered Windows 10 preview to the Windows 7 users, which raises the question on whether Windows 7 users will be able to avail Windows 10 for free or not.

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  1. Windows 10 TP! Interested to Explore.

  2. when will mircosoft stop forcing customers hand into either getting a new laptop or new os this is bullcrap if mircosoft won't allow free upgrade from w7 to w 10 I'm done with mircosoft.

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