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Facebook Bus Drivers Look to Make a Union

The drivers of buses that help Facebook employees commute to the Silicon Valley Office from their homes are looking to form a union. This is due to the fact that these employees feel underpaid and overworked.facebook-bus-drivers-union

Labor Union Teamsters have sent a letter recently to Mark Zuckerberg for the representation of these drivers. These truck drivers are not the official employees of the company but have been hired through another independent organization called, “Loop Transportation”.

Teamsters official Rome Aloise stated, “While your employees earn extraordinary wages and are able to live and enjoy life in some of the exclusive neighborhoods in the Bay Area, these drivers can’t afford to support a family, send their children to school, or, least of all, afford to even dream, of buying a house anywhere near where they work, this is reminiscent of a time when noblemen were driven around in their coaches by their servants. Frankly, little has changed; except the noblemen are your employees, and the servants are the bus drivers who carry them back and forth each day.”

Aloise has asked Zuckerberg in the letter to support in the move of drivers to form a union. The bus drivers make approximately $20 per hour. When one of the drivers was interviewed, he stated that the main concern does not lie in the pay; it lies in the long hours of work.

Cliff Doi, 55, stated that the work for him starts at 6:10 am and stays until 11am. Then comes a break, but he resumes by 5:15 pm and stays until 9:45 pm. Like the other drivers, he does not live anywhere near Silicon Valley and hence, going home between the shifts is never an option. Most of the drivers sleep in the bus while waiting for the next shift.

Only time will tell how this story unfolds and whether the facebook bus drivers will get a refuge from the tiresome work hours or not.

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