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Apple Tests iPhone Screens as Large as Six Inches

Apple inc is giving new experience to customer soon. They are always good at giving best feature to their user with “simplicity”.


As Apple is testing screen as large six inch Smartphone (ah! we call it phablet!). iPhone 5 currently is 4 inch screen Smartphone. As per customer feedback, Apple is working on making the screen size large and they are testing screen ranging from 4.8 inch to 6 inch screen.

In the new era, a user prefers to have Smartphone like 6 inch screen. Apple competitor Samsung is already doing about giving 6 inch Smartphone to the users so it may be the strategy of Apple to capture large market in the world of Smartphone.

6 inch Smartphone is really good experience as our team tested using 6 inch screen. Firstly, it has large screen. Secondly, it is good for browsing experience if you are internet lover. Thirdly, you can watch video in large size and finally, it gives an amazing gaming experience.

We are also waiting that how Apple will implement 4.8 inches to 6 inches of screen in iPhone. Apple user surely can find the ranges in price also because 4.8 inch screen to 6 inch screen will have different price. So, Apple user can buy what they want size of screen and with different price for different screen size.

Stay in touch as Apple will launch the Phablet with large display, we will surely give news about it.

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