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Revealed – How NSA of U.S. & GCHQ of UK cracked encryption & privacy of internet

NEW YORK – USA’s spy agency NSA and UK’s GCHQ are unlocking encryption and breaks into people’s private emails, bank and medical records. NSA has a $250m program for every year with tech companies to get access to emails, social data and even private data indirectly. Spy agencies undermine the fabric of the internet!


NSA & GCHQ intelligence agencies have successfully broken almost every encryption, which were used on emails, online transaction and other private data, where billions of people rely on them for security. This info was revealed by whistle blower Edward Snowden via a top-secret document.

According to the files, NSA and GCHQ have collaborated with the giant internet companies to reassure it’s customers that their private data will be private and secure with their encryption technology and will not be accessible by government nor by criminals.

Both spy agencies adopted a variety of systematic tricks to break the encryption by using supercomputers to “brute force” and compromising with ISPs and technology companies. With these partnerships, they were able to insert backdoors/trapdoors inside the encryption software, which itself is a vulnerability.

These files from US & UK spy agencies are obtained by the Guardian & published at NYTimes. These files reveals more information as follows:



  • A GCHQ team of UK are developing new methods to break into encrypted traffic on Facebook, Google,  Hotmail & Yahoo.
  • The secrecy of their capabilities against encryption is closely guarded, with analysts warned: “Do not ask about or speculate on sources or methods.”
  • A 10-year NSA program against encryption technologies made a breakthrough in 2010 which made “vast amounts” of data collected through internet cable taps newly “exploitable”.
  • The NSA spends $250m a year on a program which, among other goals, works with technology companies to “covertly influence” their product designs.
  • The National Security Agency mentions strong decryption methods as the “price of admission for the US to maintain unrestricted access to and use of cyberspace“.

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