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Google CEO Eric Schmidt lashed out at Apple CEO’s statements on privacy

Google CEO Eric Schmidt lashed out at Apple CEO Tim Cook statements on privacy at Google and claimed that their systems were more secure. The statements come after Cook unveiled a new website for privacy and the Google Chairman said Apple had got it wrong.eric-schmidt-642x485

Apple has been in the process of revamping its security systems, including encryption that even surveillance agencies cannot access. Last month, Cook in an interview had said that he was concerned about the widespread concerns about collection of user data from companies like Google. Schmidt lashed out at Apple by stating that it was always the leader in security and encryption.

“Our systems are far more secure and encrypted than anyone else, including Apple. They are catching up, which is great,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt also stated that someone had to brief Cook about Google policies. He also mentioned that the company had worked tirelessly to protect user data from government, hackers and advertisers. Cook also took a dig at Google by saying that privacy was its commitment and not targeted ads. The battle over security concerns have impressed privacy advocates as it would create a competition in providing better privacy and security.

Both Apple and Google has been vigorously adding security features to their respective operating systems. Recently, Google has announced that Android L would include encryption-by-default feature while Apple has added data encryption in all Apple apps like Safari, Maps, Siri and iMessage. Apple iCloud has also undergone a several security upgrades after nude celebrity pictures were leaked by hackers.

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