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GoPro Hero4 action cameras can shoot Ultra-HD videos at 30fps

GoPro has launched its new camera, The Hero4, a latest camera model for the action sports that comes with anticipating features and also a few surprises too. GoPro Hero4 comes in three editions, namely Black, Silver and White, and it has a huge difference between them.go-pro-hero-4

Black is the top model and filled with more features, Silver has few built-in tricks in it and finally, while edition is simply called as “Hero”. The structure of Hero4 will be as professionals, prosumers and entry levels, and this time, this comes with excellent features.

Hero4 Black, top the family has two main features that has been already anticipated by the fans of Hero3. Hero4 Black comes with 4K video recording at 30fps and 1080p Full HD video recording at 120 fps. The previous version Hero3 has also 4K recording, but it record on 15fps only.

Now, GoPro has figured out how to provide 30fps 4K recording with less amount of battery and it comes with highlight tag. This will let you to find sweet airs very easily when you uploaded the video in the Studio software.

The Black edition comes with an excellent audio system that provides dynamic ranges of audio to the recorded video. It comes with Bluetooth as well as WiFi as a connectivity feature and improved battery life.


Similar to Black edition, Silver comes with same shooting options, but the major difference is that, it supports 4K resolution at only 15fps like Hero3 and Hero3+. It has one big dealio feature and Protune tools that make the recordings more beautiful.

The White edition comes with features that captures 1080p at 30fps and takes only 5 megapixels stills. Though, the camera is waterproofed and the case is integrated with the battery too. Hero4 will be a best rival for the professional camera and fills the global market with its mind-blowing features.

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  1. 4K is an encoding standard. There's nothing in the spec that mandates any degree of image quality. They can use low quality lenses, and they can compress the video as much as they like. 4K encoding will do nothing for you except to provide crystal clear compression artifacts. The fact that it's 15FPS tells you right away that they're taking some major shortcuts. I can attach a fire hose to the spigot on the back of my house, but that won't be the same as connecting to a hydrant. In most cases, video quality can be vastly improved by not compressing it so much, rather than encoding a low bit rate stream as if it were high bit rate.

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