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Google’s secret lab is working on giant modular display screens

Google X, the search engine as well as tech giant’s secretive experimental lab is working over a display technology that appears larger than the 110 inch larger screen, and that too with modular technology similar to Project Ara for smartphones.google-motorola-project-ara

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Google X is working on a different “display technology that allows the custom screens without any bezels”, Mary Lou Jespen, an MIT Professor heads this project along with other engineers those who got experiences in Samsung and Qualcomm. Maar Lou Jespen is best known for “One Lap Per Child Project”, that aims at providing low cost laptops to the children.

The project was listed as a second modular themed experiment in Google X labs and is underway. The leading one was Project Ara, that allows the users to swap parts according to their requirements, Google reported that it will soon arrive in the early 2015.

According to The WSJ:

Among the problems that the group is trying to solve, the people familiar with the project said, is how to make display modules that are “seamless” so that people looking at a giant screen wouldn’t see the borders between the modules. The project remains at an early stage and has been kept secret, even within Google, partly because the technical challenges are as large as the planned screens, one of the people said.

Till now, modular display is still very low key at Google, the difficulties ahead of the projects were significant at the time. The project team should figure out various issues in the stitching work of software and hardware and Google is looking forward for display engineers to address those issues. You will have to wait for few more years to see these giant modular display screens in action.

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