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Microsoft reveals new Office 365 plans for small and mid-sized business

Microsoft has released three new subscription plans for small and mid-sized companies with less than 250 employees. The new plans ranging from $5 to $12.50 per month for a user will replace the current pricing for cloud-based Office 365 services.Office-460x328

The $5/month Office 365 Business Essentials plan will include basic services like email, calendar, Office Online, video conferencing, cloud storage and file sharing. The plans will not offer desktop apps. The $8.25/month Business plan will provide businesses with a full version of Office 365 that will feature Office apps like Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, OneNote and Word online access to some services.

The Office 365 Business Premium plan priced at $12.50/month will provide the combined package of the two earlier plans and the company will continue its Legacy Office 365 Enterprise plan. Businesses can access the plans after signing up for Office 365 an existing customers will have to wait for their plans to end for subscribing to the new plans. Microsoft wants to phase out the earlier plans gradually.

The new plans are aimed at smaller enterprises as companies as the earlier plans were capped for 25 employees and companies had to subscribe to costlier plans. The new small and midsized businesses (SMB) plans will attract smaller enterprises, though many companies prefer to use the Office apps instead of the Apps for Business service. Microsoft had announced the a change in the plans earlier this year.


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