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Google planning to launch WhatsApp-like standalone messaging app

WhatsApp has dominated the messaging app circuit for a long time, but Google has now pulled up its sleeve to launch a competitor messaging app for Whatsapp. According to the rumors, the name of the app is expected to be, “What about hangouts?”Hangouts-Logo

Apart from the Android ecosystem, the others are using hangouts lately and it asks the users to sign in to their Google accounts. The only upper hand that the rivals of the potential Google’s messaging app have is, they require just the phone number of the user. He does not have to log in to any account as opposed to logging in to the Google Account, each time the user wants to use hangouts.

However, there are chances that the new messaging app from Google will not entail the account requirement feature. This could be a smart step by Google in case it wants to get anywhere close to the legacy of other messaging app services like WhatsApp in the market.

Google tried its best to buy WhatsApp in the year 2013 but the auction winner proved out to be Facebook. Google has realized the potential of the messaging app market and flapping its wings to rush some gold from the emerging market.

If everything goes according to the plan, the new messaging app from Google will surface the market by 2015. The services of the app will first be tested in emerging nations like India. We sincerely hope that the new app does wonders to the fortune of Google.

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