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The FireChat App Helps Protesters in Hong Kong to Reach Each Other

Hong Kong is going through a rough patch and people have come out on streets in favor of protest. The situation is worsening each day and at such times, the protesters have come out with an app that will help them connect with each other even in times of network breakdown. The FireChat app is an instant hit among the Hong Kong people.hong-kong-protest

The leaders have already informed the protesters about the app and asked them to download it. The app will help the protesters to communicate with each other even when the network is not responding. The app has been developed after rumors were spread about the authorities jamming the network in case of emergency.

Thousands of people have come out on the streets to protest against the idea of Hongkong moving under China. People are demanding a genuine democracy in the country and hence, they are not looking to stop the agitation against the Chinese government.

Until now, the mobile network has not been turned off deliberately by the authorities, but the protesters fear of such a situation and have started using the Fire Chat app in order to know the whereabouts of other protesters.

Another reason for the development of such app is that people have gathered together in one particular place and hence, it has overloaded the network in the area. An ample of people are unable to operate their internet smoothly and hence, protesters came out with such an app that will work even though the network is down and out.

When a 18 year old student Audrey Chan was asked about the situation, she said “I know it can connect with people around me without using the Internet,”. Chan has gathered with the other protesters at the Causeway Bay Shopping District. She added, “So I just downloaded it in case the network is down, in case I need to contact the people around me.”

The activists are happy to have such an app that will help them keep in touch with each other in emergency situations.

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