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Windows 9: Microsoft giving a Free Upgrade for Windows 8 Users

Microsoft Windows 9, successor and latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, will be releasing on September 30. Its official name is not announced yet, but the development team calls it Threshold. An event is scheduled on Tuesday, September 30 in San Francisco, where Microsoft will unveil it. While tech forums are graced with expectations, rumors and leaks–the company has announced and confirmed a free upgrade of Windows 9 to all Windows 8 users.windows-9-start-menu

Windows 9 is all set to preview and a pool of new features is being launched with it. The software giant, under a new leadership has been able to increase stakes and impress the customers too. The freebie is a special treat to increase the number of users and demand of their product from the very first day. Apple also did the same when its operating system updates were rolled out. The company made it available free for all its users. Microsoft is trying to replicate the same, but with a tool to perform software updates, which will benefit all existing users.

Before the worldwide release of the operating system in 2015, Microsoft is pleasing all its existing customers with the news. A free upgrade to Windows 9 means that current users of Windows 8 will get the brand new software on their machines without paying for it. A gesture that is applauded by the entire tech community. This means that all the Windows 8 users are going to enjoy the software with the latest technology and features without any additional costs.

The company has designed a special built-in upgrade to facilitate this. This built-in upgrade will trigger with the launch of Windows 9 and will give you the latest operating software. Once you choose Windows 9 upgrade, your machine will be upgraded. There will be no need of a fresh installation or any such hassle.

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  1. Wonder how what percentage of Wait PCs will be bricked by this.
    "free upgrade"? Also, wonder if one has to achieve full Windows 8.1 Update 1.
    to "upgrade" to Windows 9, or if otherwise you're SOOL?

    Interesting it's not a free "upgrade" to W7, which may mean W9 isn't as good an OS as W7, in which case it matters not how "free" W9 is, because that means Microsoft will be heading out of the OS business one way or the other in that case whether they want to be or not.

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