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Apple iOS 8.0.2 users post issues on WiFi and cellular connectivity

When launching its new flagship iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, Apple also launched its latest iOS 8 operating system to the general public. Although it has managed to receive good reviews over the new features and improvements over previous update, the iOS 8.0.1 update ruined the success-week of the company. After receiving many complaints on issues created by iOS update, Apple managed to roll out one more update in the form of iOS 8.0.2 to resolve many issues such as HealthKit and WiFi calling. However, the problems seem to be still affecting the software, as some users reported bugs in the latest iOS 8.0.2 update.

The complaints began to reach social media, forums and even in Apple’s support forum quickly after the launch of iOS 8 by the company, that includes various issues faced by the device owners. Later, the release of iOS 8.0.1 update made things even worse (Apple pulled the update immediately). Now, when it looks like the situation is under control, users who updated the device to iOS 8.0.2 began to complain about various glitches following the update.

Users’ posts in Apple’s support communities forum reveal many threads on various new issues faced by the device owners. Few users complained about losing connectivity with phone calls and text messages, a few hours after updating the software to iOS 8.0.2. One of the user posted “After updating to iOS 8.0.2, I have problems with my cellular reception on iPhone 5s and no service appears every few minutes…”

Few users posted about poor WiFi connectivity on iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air, where those devices’ internet speed slows down and sometimes it becomes “zero.” They have also pointed that the rebooting of these devices solves the issue temporarily. Many users posted related to the slow WiFi connectivity on their iPhone 5s following the iOS 8.0.2 update.

Apart from WiFi and cellular connectivity issues, few threads reveals a problem in Safari browser, random crashes and Bluetooth connectivity as well. Apple hasn’t released any statements regarding these issues so far. It’s virtually inevitable that the update causes some glitches, as millions of Apple iPhones and iPads are receiving the iOS 8.0.2 update right now, since 2 days. We can’t judge the strength and stability of the latest update on these threads, as those could be isolated incidents, and maybe, widespread.

Have you updated your iPhones or iPads to the latest iOS 8.0.2 update? Have you got any issues following the update, such as losing Touch ID functionality or poor WiFi connectivity? Share with our readers.

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  1. I have iPhone 5s just updated to 8.02 now have lost connectivity to my network!

  2. Ipad 2, having a hard time to run applications, and Ipad close by itself after a moment. Of course since I updated to IOS 8.02

  3. iPad – update to 8.0.2 failed and I had to restore it. Wifi is now dropping out regularly. I won't be upgrading my phone.

  4. Updated 5s & safari crashes everytime I put a letter in search bar. Voice command is messed up. It tries to call people in contacts when I ask it a question.

  5. Since updating to ios8 wifi has been constantly dropping out on my iPad mini with retinal display, and this has not been improved by the 8.0.2 update. I have to regularly go in to flight mode to reboot, and at least once a day reset by powering off.

    It's getting very frustrating and I am holding off updating my iPhone 5c, and advising others to hold off updating, until iOS 8 is stable. I really wish I could go back to iOS 7 as that worked.

  6. My phone ended up going into a restore mode, and I lost everything after updating my phone to the newest version.

  7. Voiceover and Safari on iOS crash, and Safari does not open links, and when it opens certain links, it crashes and reboots.

  8. iPhone 6 and iPad air here, both on iOS 8.0.2. No issues to report, all is working excellent!

  9. Iphone 6 plus. Updated from ios8 to ios 8.0.2 over the air. No cellular service and unit crashed after activating finger print sensor. Reboots unsuccessful. Screen only shows apple logo

  10. Since updating the iOS 8.0.2 I have problems of connectivity , when checking pages they automatically close! It is very frustrating. I had turn my phone off many times to try to solve my problem even if it is temporally. 🙁

  11. Same here on ipad 4 with retina. Intermittent wifi at best.

  12. I did the update and suffered the wifi connection problem it was saying wifi was on but I had no connection as well as bluetooth problem overtime I get in my car it will call a person randomly so I have to turn off bluetooth.

  13. iPhone 6 and iOS 8.0.2… Sometimes WiFi networking dies altogether and I have to reboot the phone.

  14. Wifi connection drops constantly since iOS 8.02.

  15. Ever since I downloaded iOS 8.0 I've had wifi connectivity problems. This was not fixed with iOS 8.02. I have both an iPhone 5s and an iPad retina. The problem is only with my iPhone. I have to reset my internet settings daily to make the Internet work. It's very frustrating!

  16. I didn't have a problem with my wi-fi when I updated to iOS 8, but when I updated to 8.0.2, all of a sudden my wi-fi won't stay connected!

  17. Mimi Verdieck Voorheis

    I updated to the iOS 8.0.2 and can no longer forward pictures from my phone to email. I wish I had never done the update!

  18. Since downloading IOS 8 WiFi on my iPhone 5s Wifi will connect for a period of time then drops out / Lock up / Freezes / What ever you want to call it. It seems to occur mostly after I unlock my phone. The only thing that works is turning wifi off then on again. Updating to 8.0.2 has not resolved this issue. Very frustrating as this was not a problem until the IOS 8 Update!

  19. after updating my IpadAir to ios8, my wifi has been falling out every 2mins. i cant get anything done, and also safari randomly crashes. i hate this 🙁

  20. Updated and phone wont even turn on, just says 'welcome'

  21. We updated both of our iPhone 5s with 8.0.2 and have intermittent dropped wifi. Contacted Apple support and they suggested restore of devices through iTunes.

  22. Ditto for my experience with 8.0.2 as reported by Don Bebell. I have also seen that some of my apps are either slow to load or never load.

  23. I forgot to add that I have an IPhone 5S.

  24. I am still having connectivity issues on my IPad, including receiving emails, since updating to iOS 8.0.2. Frustrating! I'm having to restart to get my IPad working.

  25. My clock will not keep track of proper time. It freezes.. I have to move my "automatic timezone" slider to manual and back. Likely the most annoying thing to date. I wish I could go back to BETA 8.0 GM

  26. My wifi didn't work at all for 5 days after updating my iPod touch 5 to ios8 and apps crash regularly

  27. After update to 8.0.2, my iMessage is failing activation so I cant send or receive any texts. In rare instances.
    when texts do make it out, it goes out from my email accounts not thru my cell phone number.

  28. My biggest issue (on my iPhone 5S) is that is has significantly reduced battery life – and I have everything that I can turn off turned off, which I didn't have to worry about before.

  29. Ios8.0.2 not sending text messages on iPad mini and 5s

  30. I have an ipad air, upgraded to ios 8.02. Wifi connection slows down and loses connectivity regullary, restarting the device solves the problem for a while, very frustrating!

  31. I updated my 5S and now have incredibly slow wifi. It's quicker to do it via 3G. I have fibre optic infinity broadband and it's usually like lightening, but not now. Won't upload photos to sites either.
    I have an old iPhone 4 which doesn't support the new 8 update and it's fine. In fact it's faster than the 5S now!

  32. iphone 6 wifi fail since updating to 8.0.2. bad wifi sometimes wifi not working at all.

  33. yup same problem just pop in my phone too..i wan a redownload the apps again is like not syncing at all since last night after the iOS 8.2 update Apple pls dun do that to us!

  34. Yup plus no camera now in Facebook Messenger

  35. Ever since updating my 5s to iOS 8, wifi connection speed has been terrible, 3G on the other hand works fine. All the fix on the net is only temporary where the problem will come back after a few hours. iOS 8.0.2 did not fix this as well. Well Apple, you guys certainly screw things up with this major update. Wifi was working perfectly fine on iOS 7.1.2. If you are blaming it is a device problem, well you are wrong. my iPad 2 which still run on iOS 7.1.2 still have great wifi connection, I'm reluctant to upgrade it to iOS 8 looking at this huge problem.

    I hope Apple fix this in the coming week, it is frustrated not able to utilize a feature because of an update.

  36. Yes wifi is horrible! Please fix Apple!

  37. Updating to IOS 8 I did not have any issues. Now that I have updated to IOS 8.02 I have issues. Using hands free in my car the signal drops reconnects then drops again and again. I have an update on notification under general that will not clear after I updated and I can not get the Game Center to quit loading. I am sure there will be moor.

  38. Updated to IOS 8.0.2 on my iPad Air. Now constantly loosing WiFI connectivity. Only solution is to reboot, which only solves issue for short time.

  39. I have the iphone 6 and the wifi speed is HORRIBLE. I wish I would have kept my 4s. Its fast on data but I can't afford to always use that. The 8.0.2 update didn't help with the wifi issue at all. Apple, please fix this.

  40. I can not seem to connect to wifi since update. It connect to Wifi fro a few minutes and then stops.

  41. Same problem with wifi dropping out on ipad air

  42. I updated with iOS 8.2 and my wifi is awful on my iPad air. Sucks. 🙁

  43. All of a sudden I cannot access the auto fill feature on texting. This started after the 8.02 download.

  44. Brand new iPhone 6. Updated to iOS 8.0.2 Daily issues with dropped WiFi… the phone forgets my two-most used connections (work and home). It either wont connect or drops the connection. I've been doing a hard re-set (at least 1/day) to get the thing to talk to the WiFi wherever I am… I won't update my 2nd Gen iPad to iOS 8 FOR SURE for a while. Frustrated.

  45. Denise Sublette Perdieu

    I have a I pad 2 with data and I can't use the data. I can only connect by wifi.. Also my battery drains super fast …Apple please help me. I need my I pad for work and can't use it

  46. Still having wifi problems such as cutting out completely and very slow speed (I have BTinfinity) this is so annoying, and I'm considering ditching Apple going elsewhere!

  47. After updating to ios8.0.2! in 4S, 5S, ipad2 and ipad mini with retina. All of them the wifi has been constantly dropping.

  48. The dictation feature is messed up. It doesn't place a space and capital letter after a period when beginning a new section of dictation. The emoticon button is a nuisance (and an insult to an adult user). The predictive spelling bar seems to make the dictation go nuts. Seems better without the bar. To turn it off, hold the emoticon button and explore…

    And, my phone tells me suddenly that it cannot back up unless I buy more ICloud space.

    Just a start!

  49. My iPad Air freezes and looses wifi connection since the update iOS 8.0 and even after 8.02 the problem was not solved. I have to restart it Everytime it happens. It's very annoying. I tried resetting network but it did not work. I wish I never updated my iPad.

  50. Two iPhone 5S with wifi and cellular problems, one iPad 4 and one iPhone 4S without problems.

  51. I downloaded the iOS 8.0.2 and now I noticed my ipad is very slow in opening apps and programs. I don't want to download this program to my iphones because of the problem I am having. Can I got back to the iOS 7?

  52. Iphone 5 and iPad 2, freezes, battery life poor, some sounds don't play, could go on!! Need an update to cure these problems

  53. Sluggish wifi, Safari randomly crashes daily and battery life considerably worse on mini iPad retina with iOS 8.0.2. Don't update!

  54. yes problems – after ipad gen3 on verizon updated to 8.0.2….it's wifi AND cellular data connection has gone POOCHY (slow)… it seems to be ok (for a short while) after a hard reset….then gets slow again. I'd guess it's taking about twice as long to load website pages. I'm looking at how to reload OLD 8.0.0.

  55. Natasha Richardson

    I have updated my iPad air and now it constantly drops wifi connectivity. it also randomly freezes so the only way to get out of programs is via the home button. The touch screen is slow to respond and everything appears to be running slower. constant intermittent problems. Apple helpline had the cheek to suggest its my BT infinity and that I should contact BT to sort it out!

  56. Since updating my 5s will not connect to the Bluetooth in the car telling me I have no signal when the phone itself shows full signal!! Cannot use the phone in the car at all! Ridiculous Apple!!!

  57. I guess now that Apple has competition in the Smartphone and tablet business, they will be like all other major software vendors, whose primary goal is getting new software out faster than those competitors. The main result of that model is poor quality for their products… just like the other vendors.

  58. Downloaded and installed iOS 8.0.2 on my iPad. Cannot connect to home wi fi network. Is apple going to fix this bug? If not how do I go back to old iOS which worked?

  59. I updated with the 8.0.2 version yesterday on my IPAD, since then I can not connect to my email and facebook.

  60. My iPad 2 is absolutely useless since updating to IOS 8.0.2. It constantly lags and freezes. Wfi is now nil. My iPhone 6 lags and wifi is nil. Losing tower connectivity when it used to be great. The notification drop down and bar on the bottom do not work.

  61. My iPad2 is sporadically losing cellular connectivity since updating to iOS 8.0.2. I called Apple Support last night and did a network reset per their instruction but losing cellular service remains a problem today. Apple needs to recognize this is a problem.

  62. Yeah I can't connect to wifi. I have to reboot to get it to work on my iPhone 6.
    Also, my cellular connection is acting up. It was fine with 8.0. But 8.0.02 is messed up and glitchy.

  63. Yep same. I'm really disappointed in iOS 8.

  64. I just update my ipad 4 to the new IOS 8.0.2 today and it will not connect to my wifi. Everytime I try to enter in the password it says it is wrong even though it is right. I am now wishing that I wouldn't have updated it. Really hoping they get this issue fixed ASAP.

  65. I can't get my Wifi hotspot now… it was ok on 7.1.2… now it just don't list my WiFi hotspot 🙁

  66. Ammber-louise Hulm

    I have no wi-fi! the icon is completely grey & cannot be turned on in settings! I don't know what to do?

  67. I have lost all wifi on my iPad mini since updating to 8.0.2. How do you download an update if you no longer have wifi whatsoever?

  68. I found a fix on the internet for my problem. I had to go to settings, general, reset (scroll to bottom), reset network settings. Then I had to go back to settings, WiFi, and redo my password for my IP address. Now my WiFi works again. Give it 3 minutes after you do this because it took a couple minutes before I could get into the app store even though it said my Wifi was working the second I entered my password.

  69. I had this issue of no WiFi with my iPad mini and had to go to settings -> general -> scroll to the bottom for reset -> reset network settings. Then I had to go into settings -> WiFi and reenter my IP address password.

  70. I was able to restore the wifi connection performance on iOS 8.0.2 by going through the reset network settings procedure on an iPad(4), as mentioned by Amy Marr. After the reset, I had to add the wifi connection again.

    "Forget this network option" did not work. I was unable to add the wifi connection back to the iPad. The iPad kept alerting me that the wifi password was incorrect.

    I don't know how long this work-around will last. If the connection continue to degrade, I will just reset my network settings again. At least until Apple have a fix for this issue.

    I hope this works for you too.

  71. Connie Graham Terry

    My 5S is constantly dropping the wifi connection since the upgrade to 8.02. My Kindle sitting right next to it is fine. 😛 I've done all the usual resets, restarts, forget network, etc, etc. Hope they get this sorted out quickly.

  72. I updated my Apple Iphone 5 to the IOS 8.2 and are now having issues with text messages…they are not being delivered.

  73. I have problems using both IOS 8 and IOS 8.0.2 on iphone 5 S. Iphone lost the 3g connection and I have to turn on airplane mode and turnoff. I opened a ticket on Apple Support and they asked me to reset the network connections. I'm testing right now. I hope it can solve the problem. :/

  74. After updating to 8.02 on my Ipad Air, I am continuously loosing Internet connection. It returns after a complete reboot but that does not last very long. Disconnecting and reconnecting my Wi-Fi does not work either. Very frustrating. I am not having problems with my IPhone 5S.

  75. I have updated both my iPhone 6 and iPad Mini with iOS 8.0.2. My iPad mini has had no issues with WiFi speeds, they have been consistently anywhere from 15 -18 MB/s. My iPhone 6 will initially have comparable speeds after doing a network settings reset, but will then drop to anywhere from 0 MB/s to 2MB/s.

  76. yesterday I updated to ios 8.0.2 on my iphone 4S. after that I'm able to make and receive calls but not connecting to the internet through cellular data or wifi. Now I want to go back to ios 8 but when going through itunes it is asking me to switch off the 'track my iphone' option which I'm not able to do without internet connection. Please advise if you have a solution.

  77. Apple needs to do a redo on 8.0.2. iBooks will only work with WiFi turned off. Please let me go back to the previous system. It worked great. If I ever get my Ipad air working again no more hyped up updates fro me.

  78. Updated the three 5c's in our house now when I call my son his and my husbands phones ring…not overly happy and not up for a new phone. Only thing I can think of is to back up the phones and restore to factory settings

  79. Wifi Keeps Dropping since updating to IOS8 – no better when installed 8.02. Rebooting the phone seems to be a short term fix – frustrated…

  80. AnitaJim Hastings

    Since update cellular connectivity is random, so far only fix is a reboot. Not happy

  81. Well, I jumped in to the IOS 8.02 upgrade up to my neck and now I am drowning in problems. My wifi is a total disaster-connecting and disconnecting at will. My Imessage shows no mic icon as explained in the upgrade videos or other information. It is truly a shame that Apple thinks it must do all it can do to change its software just to give the jailbreak community a headache and/or give other phone systems a run for their money. Sadly, when one thinks this way, there will be nothing but problems in software that will arise and bite them in the butt.

  82. I lose connection to wifi period.

  83. Are they under the same iTunes account? Check the settings on the phones and ensure both phone numbers are not ticked on each phone to send and receive calls/ messages etc.

  84. My iPad 2 drops its 3G reception multiple times throughout the day and resets etc have all failed except to temporarily fix the problem. The longest lasting solution I have found so far is to go to settings – privacy- location services – system services and disable the wifi networking …

  85. Since IOS8 My iPad mini drops keyboard as soon as I type one character in the Google search box – but, frustratingly, not always . . . Also, lots of my icon pics have become plain white with 3 black concentric circles, crossed lines and a grid. Latter corrected with IOS8.0.2 but returned first time I switched iPad off then on again. Crashing episodes do seem to have been resolved post IOS8.0.2. All very frustrating and not what we should expect. Wish I could go back to IOS7 but too risky from what I read . . . Await further IOS8 updates with eager anticipation – and hope.

  86. Can't use iPhone 5S and iPad mini Retina since 8.0.2 update. Had to set-up my old Android phone as Bluetooth access point then only ok. Sad update. Even went out and bought an Airport Express but still same.

  87. I have Ipad 2 and since i installed ios 8.0.2 my ipad is exceptionally slow (navigation on safari is a nightmare) and my ipad is unable to maintain the connection with 3G network (i have to switch it off each time the 3g connection is lost. It is a total disaster. Aplle has to release urgently a 8.0.3 fixing all these bugs.

  88. I'm constantly losing my 3G connection on iPad 2 with the 8.0.2. Apple needs to stop releasing new IOS without thorough testing. They do this continually.

  89. Since updating to IOS 8.0.2, I have not been able to enter any passwords. The iPad Air and iPhone 5 keep saying they are incorrect. So I can no longer use WIFI even when the password is correct. This mean no internet connection om the iPad and iPhone and I can not "visit" my bank on the iPhone when not using wifi.

  90. Lucy 'Looben' Whyman

    My iphone 5 is on ios 8.2 and apps are constantly crashing even though I've done a full restart on it and basically wiped it back to factory settings! Any one else having these problems?

  91. since the update, my 5 has been rendered utterly useless. dropes cell service, cannot connect at work, calls get dropped. WTF apple? I am furious.

  92. Denise Sublette Perdieu

    Does anyone know if Apple intends to fix the problems we are having on our older I pads and phones or do we have to live with it… I use my I pad for work and now I can't because I can't get my Verizon data to work… Help

  93. iPhone 6+ and iPad mini with retina both are having issues with the wifi. It's connected, but nothing will load including: app store, safari, software update, etc. Called apple this morning and they claim to have never heard of this issue. I told them their website has threads with views in the tens of thousands regarding the wifi not working with the ios 8.0.2 update and they said that essentially people were being paranoid and that it's just a few isolated incidents. They then proceeded to tell me there was nothing they could do for me at the moment and to just use cellular data instead. I asked if they would reimburse me for the data and they told me to take it up with Verizon.

  94. Have Apple even 'fessed up that there's a problem? An apology? "We're working as hard as we can to get it fixed".
    Since installing iOS 8.0.2 my iPad2 connects to 3G at boot time but after a couple of hours I get the dreaded 'No Service'. The only way I've found to fix is to reboot.
    An OS release which wipes out major functionality is pretty bad. Not providing a straightforward rollback mechanism to a previous (working) release is unforgivable.
    Come on Apple, you are leaving previously loyal customers with a sour taste in their mouthed.

  95. Downloaded ISO 8 on my iPad. iOS8.2 doesn't solved its problems at all. Cellar signal is still out and the key pads seemed less "sensitive", always lagged. Apple is not responding on this on their help desk anymore.

  96. IPhone 5s keeps dropping wifi and crashes periodically. Internet is so much slower too. My husband is using his iPhone 4 with iOS 6 and it's faster than mine!

  97. Where to start…slow to no internet. Facebook/espn apps crash regularly. Very buggy in certain apps when the phone rings. Little things too like the keyboard doesn't switch back from numbers to letters like before. Countless other little things. Absolutely the last time I ever voluntarily "update". IOS 7 was bad but this is worse.

  98. Since I updated to 8.0.2 I am having connectivity issues. Dropping calls, slow internet speeds and WIFI problems. Reboots and other fixes I have found in the blogs are temporary fixes.

  99. Connectivity issues after installing 8.0.2. No service every few minutes! HORRIBLE! Returning IPhone 6 as a waste of $$$$$.

  100. Iphone 6 64gb, UK, IOS 8, so not updated it. Rubbish compared with un-updated 4s and 5s in the house for cell signal (same network). 4s, 5s – the two older models get consistently 3 bars – this new phone ranges from 1 to 3, but mostly 2 in our house. Took Iphone 4s and my 6 phone into town today ( and tried to get the free wifi from the coffee shop. The 4s found it straight away (strong network) along with a few other less strong networks nearby. My Iphone 6 kept showing a message of zero networks and then said could not scan for wireless networks. Left it for 5 minutes then tried again and it finally found them, but not as many as the 4s found. So it seems there's a delay in finding the networks (which would or could link to how quickly it can or can find and switch from a poor 3G to a good gprs signal, which I'm having problems with in our house). Switching/finding issues. And today, testing phone notification setting (that refuses to change no matter what I do!) daughter next to me phones me and it goes straight to voicemail – and at the time I had 4 bars of signal. There's something really wrong with this IOS version. 8, 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 are all really rubbish Apple. It's about time you listened.

  101. We traveled with friends, and the 2 of them had 5Cs w/ 8.0.2. They continually had cell connectivity disconnects. My wife and I have 5Cs w/ iOS 7 and had no issues. All 4 phones were purchased from the same place within a week of each other, so it certainly looks like an issue with iOS 8(.0.2).

  102. My IPad2 is losing cellular connectivity since updating to iOS 8.0.2 also. I was at the Apple store yesterday and they showed me how to reset. That didn't last long. I needed to reset last night and again today. Spent 2 more hours at the Apple Store and they swept my IPad clean hoping to rid me of this problem. I am furious that Apple is not acknowledging a cellular connectivity problem with the IPads. They claim it is a hardware issue with my IPad, yet I am seeing others with the same model complaining of the same thing.
    Does anyone know whether a class action suit against Apple has been launched?

  103. My IPad2 is losing cellular connectivity since updating to iOS 8.0.2 also. I was at the Apple store yesterday and they showed me how to reset. That didn't last long. I needed to reset last night and again today. Spent 2 more hours at the Apple Store and they swept my IPad clean hoping to rid me of this problem. I am furious that Apple is not acknowledging a cellular connectivity problem with the IPads. They claim it is a hardware issue with my IPad, yet I am seeing others with the same model complaining of the same thing.
    Does anyone know whether a class action suit against Apple has been launched?

  104. Both my wife and I have the 5S. Since we updated our wifi is brutal beyond words. Everything takes forever to load, not to mention kills our batteries way faster. Quite a few apps are crashing even though they were updated for 8, but soon as 8 went in it broke some of them. But overall the biggest issue is the wireless speeds. Speed tests seem to be fine, but if you try using apps like Facebook everything crawls. I'm pretty disappointed to say the least, for a company like Apple to do this, is pretty shitty for us consumers. I sure hope this gets fixed soon, or we may start looking at Android phones.

  105. Also experiencing frequent loss of wifi on iPad with upgrade.

  106. Since my update with IOS 8.02 I have wi-fi problems and have problems playing videos. Nothing will happen when I click the arrow on videos on khan academy. I have tried every recommendation online and every restart available, only to get a temporary fix. I have been an apple owner since the very first Apple phone and iPad. I am now second questing my choice. This set back has put me almost a week behind on my studies and I am extremely irritated. I should not have to reconfigure wifi settings etc. I chose Apple because of the ease of use. If I were into configuring etc. I would own a droid ! My issues are on my iPad air.

  107. APPLE HAS MADE A GOOD PHONE BUT HAS BLUNDERED UP THINGS BIG TIME!!! Never was there such problems when Steve was around but because apple wishes to push past is why they have the problems where they are starting to loose long time apple-it's. Really moto is the next best!!!!! Up and coming!!!! Apple has iOS's that are buggy and dropping calls to dropping wireless headsets which really annoying!!!!! Apple should make their phone completely automated to work like MOTO X WITH FULL COMPATIBILITY TO GOOGLES ANDROID SEARCHING ENGINE! THE NEW MOTO X ALING WITH MOTO HINT EARPIECE WILL BE WAY BETTER THAN APPLE I AM SURE OF THAT!!!!

  108. As for APPLES IPAD…. Windows Surface 3 has already left it in the dust!!!

  109. I have had nothing but problems with WiFi connectivity on my iPad Air ever since I updated to IOS 8 and then 8.0.2. I updated my iPhone 5 at the same time with no issues. I am afraid to update my wife's iPad 2 and iPhone 5 because of this serious WiFi problem. My iPad Air is WiFi only, so having connectivity problems makes the device practically useless. There are hundreds of other people having this problem…just go to the Apple Forums and search "IOS 8 slow wifi" and look at all the many results. On this thread, for example, it is already 50 pages long with over 700 replies and over 70,000 views. This is definitely an IOS 8 problem because my iPad Air worked just fine until I updated to IOS 8, and my iPad 2 is working excellently because it is still IOS 7.1.2. Apparently, Apple is not admitting that some devices are having this problem after updating to IOS 8! They are trying to say it is a hardware problem. If that were true, then my iPad 2 and my 2 iPhone 5's would be having problems with the router. The only device having the problems is the iPad Air with IOS 8.0.2. Come one, Apple, you need to fix this major problem!

  110. This is maddening and unacceptable. My IPAD2 does not have cellular access anymore and Verizon and Apple are unable to help. There is no way I will update my iphone to 8.0.2. until Apple has a fix for this.

  111. So all Apple can do is put one on hold and never come back to help. It's obvious they have no clue how to solve this problem, at least with current 8.0.2, no acceptable solution and it's a waiting game now for next update.

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