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Google Glass not ‘safer’ than Smartphones while driving

Google Glass deemed not safe while driving as a scientific study reports. This was the first scientific study conducted on the Google Glass since its launch. The general conception was that since texting on Google Glass is a handsfree work, it will be a lot safer than in the case of a Smartphone. But the reports have something completely different to say.Google Glass not ‘safer’ that Smartphones while driving

The test conducted by the Scholars of the University of Central Florida included texting a message using a Smartphone as well as Google Glass. The drivers were made a part of a realtime road simulation. The experiment was conducted to compare the risks posed by a Smartphone over Google Glass. In majority of the cases, the drivers using Google Glass were also a part of the near about collision which does show the ineffectiveness of Google Glass.

The main objective of the test was to keep a track of the behavior of the drivers while driving and the number of times when brakes were used unexpectedly and the pattern. According to the statement by Ben Sawyer, a psychological researcher, the test showed little difference in the stats for a smartphone and Google Glass.

Although using a Smartphone technically seems much more difficult when compared to Google Glass’ Voice Text messaging feature, the trouble of the drivers remains the same. Texting while driving has been banned in all the States of the United States and it will be interesting to look forward to how the Google Glass’ is treated in this case. Ben Sawyer also said that Google must find out another technology wherein the drivers can text without getting distracted.

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