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2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost fakes it with Engine sound amplification

Ford Mustang has one of the most glorified pasts among the various cars in the American History. Ford Mustang has had the greatest Muscle cars of the past, but sadly the goodwill has fallen from where it was once. 2015 Ford Mustang did not do it any good when rumors started spreading up about fake engine sounds. According to the reports, 2015 Ford Mustang with EcoBoost model creates a fake sound of powerful engines through the car speakers. Mustang models have not had a lot of good things to talk about in the recent times and this will only add to the trouble.2015 Ford Mustang GT

The Chevrolet Camaro is one of the direct competitors of Ford Mustang and these models has been around the other’s neck often in the past. Interestingly, Ford Mustang does have a linage, which is presently being handled in the wrong way. The scenario is more so with the new emission rules, which has affected the engines of the Mustang to a great extent. The Muscle cars of the past were fitted with full throated V8 engines compared to the modern day turbocharged four cylinder engine.

Although we can still compare the performance delivered by the cars but this still does not feed the hunger of the roar the Muscle cars used to provide. This is where Ford has played the trick with an Active Noise Control System, designed to eradicate unwanted noise. On the other hand, the system will also amplify the sound of the engine to give the driver an experience like anything.

Now what remains is to see how do the customers take this engine sound amplification system. Most of the major car makers are also expected to keep a track of the events.

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