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Will Apple, NSA and FBI fight over iPhone 6 encryption?

In spite of getting lots of media attention over the #bendgate issue, Apple just wants to pass through the privacy scanner by “proudly” announcing that their latest iPhone encryption codes would take NSA years to break. Will that calm down the heat of issues like NSA snooping on Apple users (or any other company’s users on the Internet)?iphone-6-encryption

There were many media reports that suggest FBI and NSA has turned their head towards Apple’s new iPhone encryption system. And soon later, Apple claims that their encryption codes are hard to break. Privacy watchdogs and the people who concerned about privacy won’t believe every word uttered by the U.S. tech firms on privacy nowadays, because the relationship between the government supported SPY firms and the tech firms built long ago.

Although, the companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple shows their transparency reports every year (or quarter), there can be few more ‘tie-up’s that are hard to visualize by normal users like us. You shouldn’t forget the recent revelation of its 2007-2008 ‘secret’ FISC court documents by Yahoo, where it said the United States government threatened the company to impose the fine amounting to $250,000 a day if the email service provider not comply with a broad demand to give user communications to the government under the surveillance act.

On iPhone 6 encryption, Apple says that the device encrypts contacts, photos and emails with the help of a complex mathematical algorithm that uses a unique code created by the iPhone user, and it has also stated that the company will not store those data/codes in its server. What Apple want to say is, if a law enforcement ask the company to provide information about a particular user, it would send note the law enforcement stating that to access the user information, they have to break the encryption code or get the code directly from the user.

However, FBI Director James Comey concerned about Apple iPhone’s encryption technology and said at a news conference, “it would take more than five-and-a-half years to try all combinations of a six-character alphanumeric passcode with lowercase letters and numbers.”

“There will come a day — well, it comes every day in this business — when it will matter a great, great deal to the lives of people of all kinds that we be able to, with judicial authorization, gain access to a kidnapper’s or a terrorist’s or a criminal’s device,” Comey said Thursday. “I’d hate to have people look at me and say, ‘Well, how come you can’t save this kid?’ ”

Well, aren’t these announcements by Apple and FBI says something indirectly? Do you think these public statements are intended to convince people to believe in the company and its products?

People who are not concerned about their online privacy or personal information, may stay away from understanding this long-history-tale of “companies and the government.” Well, Google has its own encryption techniques for their Android phones and its effective since the launch of the Android L operating system!

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