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New Mac Mini could be launched in October 2014

After Apple has launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, rumor mills has turned towards the Mac Mini. The rumor mills reports that the Mac Mini could arrive next month during the launch event of iPad.apple

According to MacRumors,

Apple is expected to launch a new Mac Mini in October during the company’s iPad event and OS X Yosemite launch. This would make perfect sense given that Apple has launched new Macs in the past during its iPad events, so unveiling a new Mac Mini seems fairly plausible.

Apart from this, no additional details are provided regarding the Mac Mini, and no information regarding specs has been released yet. It is safer to assume that the device will be powered by faster processor, USB 3.0 ports and high capacity RAM. Apple fans are expecting what kind of processor will be used by Apple and most probably, Intel chips will be used in the upcoming Mac Mini. Broadwell chips are not scheduled to arrive until next year arrives.

All over time, rumors have been releasing all over the internet and till now, no move has been done by Apple. In Europe, price of Mac Mini has dropped approximately €50 and this shows us an impending hardware update. And no price drop has been noticed in the U.S. and from this, we may consider Apple has boosted sales in selected areas over the Atlantic.

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