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iPhone 6 encryption codes are not easy to break: Apple

While the whole world and media turned around the so-called “bendgate” of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, NSA and FBI have turned towards the encryption codes on Apple iPhone 6. Apple has said that it would take NSA years to break iPhone encryption codes.apple-denies-working-with-nsa

Some of the Apple users have reported that iPhone 6 bending and test reports says that the iPhone 6 are pretty tough. While media has concentrated towards the “bendgate” of iPhone 6, New York Times turns out a crucial update about the iPhone 6. Apple has used encryption techniques in the device that encrypt emails, photos based on a complex mathematical algorithm.

New York Times reported,

If Apple is ordered by the National Security Agency to turn over the contents of an iPhone 6, “it will turn over gibberish with a note saying that to decode the phone’s emails, contacts and photos, investigators will have to break the code or get the code from the phone’s user.”

Based upon each phone user, the code will be generated and these codes are unique, it provides high profile security features for the iPhone 6 users. The intelligence agencies might require years to break the code and it will create a problem among the agencies to break the code.

David Sanger and Brian Chen of the Times writes as,

“Officials inside the intelligence agencies, while letting the FBI make the public protests, say they fear the company’s move is the first of several new technologies that are clearly designed to defeat not only the NSA, but also any court orders to turn over information to intelligence agencies,”

U.S government is thrilled with the new security features of iPhone 6 and might bring a hard time for the agencies to break the code.

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