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Ello ‘Social Network’: What’s so special in it?

Now you would have definitely heard of Ello, invite-only social network, getting attracted by the teenagers around this globe. Ello is getting more than 35000 sign-ups per hour and know why people are so attracted by the Ello, yet another social network.ello-social-network

What makes Ello makes so Popular?

Ello, primarily developed against Facebook and it is considered as anti-Facebook social media that is totally free from ads and free from privacy policies like “forces users to use their own birth name”.

Similar to other social media, Ello ‘Social Network’ brings out various approached to stay connected with your friends. What you get is that, a hybrid of Tumblr and Twitter. Twitter allows you to stay connected with friends and @mention people whereas, Tumblr allows you to add images and text.

Ad-free and Privacy-First Promise:

Ello promises its users for ad-free forever and it comes with paid feature upgrades for users, that provides income for the founders. It’s quite interesting, similar to LinkedIn, Ello comes with premium paid features and it could be things similar to profile enhancements.

No “like” buttons:

Instead of “like” button, Ello comes with a Love button that allows the users to stay connected with the post for later reading.

Sign Up Process:

In order to sign up the Ello, you require an invitation from the Ello users. Once you got the golden ticket, the process of signing up is too easy. You will be asked to enter the username for your account and which will be your URL.

Customizing Profile:

Similar to other social media, you need to customize your account for your own profile. Users can access their profile through Ello.com/(username) and you need to fill up the details for more profile visibility.

Currently, Ello is in beta version; wide range of bugs is expected by the developers. Soon features like user blocking, mobile apps will be rolled out by the developers.

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