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Microsoft Windows 9 will get official name this Tuesday

Microsoft Corporation will unveil the name of the upcoming its product on Tuesday, while it provides the official first glimpse of its upcoming operating system.windows-9-start-menu

( Above Image shows the new Start Menu and Live Tiles in a leaked video)

For the past few years, the project is referred as Threshold inside the Microsoft and as Windows 9, outside the company. It will get a new brand or it may just call as Windows, and the full version will be released by early next year. The change of name will bring out a new direction and style of Microsoft and aggressive focus on Windows and PCs will  veer away. The jump will definitely recover windows from the ill generated by Windows 8 and Microsoft aims Windows for tablet and mobile devices too.

Many users have suffered a lot from the death of the start-button menu in the windows metro style. This lets the Windows to use modern interface with an option to switch back to traditional desktop mode. The rumors proved that the upcoming Windows will have a start-button menu and they can be selected by the users who prefers it.

Silver Peak from Gartner said

“Microsoft is changing from a company that was Windows-centric to one that is services-centric,” “It has to be that way. Windows revenue is likely going to decline, and Microsoft’s task is to replace that Windows revenue with revenue from services on all sorts of platforms.”

Also Daniel Ives, an analyst at investment bank FBR Capital Markets said,

“This is a launching pad and catalyst for Nadella’s holistic cloud vision over the coming years,” “Windows 9 is a potentially game-changing product release for Microsoft.”

Lower-profile Microsoft under Nadella, moves away from the PCs and very keen in rebuilding its respect in the Silicon Valley and also in the Bay Area. Nadella has planned to sell high quality services and applications for cloud storage data too.

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