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Telsa Model S Convertible revealed, priced at $29,000

Tesla Model S convertible built by Newport Convertible Engineering by customizing the stock version of the Tesla Model S. Newport would charge $29,000 for customization of the stock model and the less-expensive variant was spotted in San Francisco.Tesla-model-s-convertible-740x425

The Tesla Model S Convertible is also offered in a streamlined, hard tonneau-covered version priced at $49,000. The model features a retracting canvas roof and roll-hoop in line with B-pillars. The customization also posed a challenge due o the aluminium build of the car and the canvas roof was specified for giving the car a retro vintage appearance similar to Jaguar XKE. The stock Model S is priced at $70,000.

“Tesla being with was one of the strongest car I’ve ever worked on,” said NCE CEO Al Zadeh.

There are some concerns regarding the effect of the modifications on the 265-mile range based on the weight or aerodynamics or weight of the car. However the floor-mounted ‘surfboard’ battery claims to provide the required stiffness and stability to the four-door convertible. The stock Model S, available in electric and gas variants was the third best-selling car in California last year.

With experience in customizing various cars ranging from Range Rover to Porche Panamera, NCE were surprised at the cars strength and has no trouble with the Model S. Tesla is offering no warranty or safety testing for the Convertible. NCE has also received an order of 100 cars from a Chinese investor and the cars would me produced at Europe and Middle East facilities.

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