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EU privacy watchdogs warn Google over privacy policy

European Union privacy regulators on Thursday urged Google to simplify the company’s privacy policies in compliance with the EU law. The authorities also released a “list of possible compliance measures” for the company.google-logo-screen-closeup

The list was provided to Google by Article 29 Working Party (WP29), a watchdog group for EU Data protection authorities. Though WP29 has limited powers, its members influenced the fining of Google in 2012 when there were cases related to privacy that violated EU laws. The group stated that they were common guidelines that complied with national laws in a letter to Google. The group also added that the guidelines will be applicable to other companies in the future.

“The recommendations are for illustrative purposes only and may not be the only means by which Google could achieve compliance,” said the regulators in a statement.

The letter is also seen as a warning as it included that the company “must meet its obligations”. WP29 wants Google to allow control their personal data and their usage for the company’s services. This will be possible if the company offers a dashboard with access to all Google services. However a deadline for a response from the company was not set.

A Google spokesperson stated that the company was working with data protection authorities across Europe to improve privacy policies. He added that the company was open to discussions and suggestions in response to the letter by EU authorities. The letter also coincides with a Google tour for discussing implementation of the “right to be forgotten” that was implemented in Europe. it remains unclear if Google would implement the feature in other worldwide markets.

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