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Chrysler recalls nearly 350K vehicles over ignition switch issues

Chrysler recalled 349,442 vehicles around this globe for the faulty ignition switch, that makes the car to stop suddenly while driving. The recall affects 2008 model vehicles that include Jeep Commander and Grand Cherokee SUVs, and earlier models are also recalled in the month of July for the same issue.chrysler-jeep-commander

Chrysler is also recalling 2008 model Chrysler 300 sedan, the Dodge Magnum station wagon and the Dodge Charger sedan for the ignition switch problems.The same problem has been reported for General Motors and identified 16 million defect vehicles has been recalled by General Motors this year.

Now, more than million Chrysler vehicles have been recalled for the same ignition switch problem. These ignition switches in the recalled vehicle rotates to off position when jostled by a bump in the road, this makes the engine to turn off and disable safety air bags.

Jack R. Nerad, executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book, an automobile research and pricing company said,

“In the overall scheme of ignition-related problems, the recall by Chrysler is a small one,” “But it does indicate the importance of ignition systems and overall vehicle safety, an aspect that was not well understood as the General Motors ignition issues developed and were reported,” “Cars have stalled from the beginning, but in today’s environment a stall caused by faulty ignition system parts can be, and has been, a serious safety issue.”

Drivers of the affected vehicles reported to federal regulators regarding the unexpected stalling of the vehicle and one of the driver mentioned that he is not feeling safe while driving his Chrysler vehicle. Chrysler has provided temporary prescription to the affected model owners not to drive their car until the fault is repaired.

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