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Ford Motor Co. adds 1200 jobs at Missouri plant

Ford Motor Co. announced on Thursday the addition of 1200 workers to Missouri plant and an additional shift at the production place of the new transit vans. The facility will have the highest production output in the world.ford-united-states

The second shift will focus on manufacturing transit vehicles like commercial vans and Ford F-150 trucks. Though only 2,085 transit vans were sold after dealership that started in June, the demand for the vehicles have been increasing. The company expects more demand this year after Charter Communications, a cable television company ordered for 800 transit vans.

“Once we add the people by the end of this year and add that second shift of capacity, KC assembly will have the most manufacturing under any facility worldwide,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford President in America.

The assembly plant located in Claycomo outside Kansas city has already hired 1,200 workers who will start work by November end. The additional second shift will bring the total number of hourly workers to 6,000 which includes three crews for manufacturing F-150 trucks. The plant which underwent a major expansion in 2011 will now have the capacity to produce 500,000 vehicles. These transit vans will also be used for transporting cargo and ambulances uses for saving lives.

Ford stated that it exceeded its commitment to United Auto Workers in providing more than 14,000 jobs since 2011. Hinrichs added that the jobs were an indication of a growing US economy and the increased jobs is a “testament” to the partnership with the union.

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