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AT&T to acquire DirecTV as shareholders state their consent

Most probably, AT&T is all set to buy DirecTV at $48.5 billion. Although the deal has not been signed yet, the news coming through states that there is a clear indication that the majority of the stakeholders at DirecTV have agreed to the proposed deal. The deal was originally proposed in the month of May by AT&T. It is in the end of September when, AT&T and DirecTV at last have the license to sign the deal. This acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T will give the wireless network provider the access to the nationwide television service.att-logo-emblem

According to the reports, approximately 98% of the shareholders of DirecTV have given their consent regarding the acquisition. The deal between DirecTV and AT&T would mean that the wireless network service provider will gain television rights all across the United States. In addition, this will also mean that television and wireless service will be teaming up on AT&T’s side for the consumers.

AT&T has stated that with the combination of the two different services, the users will have a widened scope and at the same time will allow AT&T to expand both commercially and financially. AT&T currently uses the U-Verse platform for services like television and internet, but with the inclusion of DirecTV, the complete scenario will change. The Wireless network service provider has appreciated the faith that has been shown in them by the shareholders of DirecTV and are looking forward to work together.

The Federal Communications Commission is yet to approve the deal. AT&T and DirecTV are looking forward to get the approval from the FCC and the Justice Department soon next year.

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