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Iowa renders Tesla a hard time while it grows in Hong Kong

Tesla Motors were expecting a high turnaround for the test drive that they had planned to organize in Iowa. But sad news for Tesla as well as for the people who were planing to take on the test drive as the transportation department of Iowa has asked the Automaker not to organize test drives in the city. According to the reports, the Department of Transportation of Iowa has stated the conducting test drives in the city is illegal. The law does not allow any car maker to organize such test drives.Iowa renders Tesla Motors a hard time while it grows in Hong Kong

Moreover Tesla Motors is not an authorized automobile dealer in Iowa. The law of the state of Iowa bans the car makers from directly making a sale to the consumers. This gives rise to another issue as Tesla also does not deal with car dealers. The car maker does not have any authorized franchise all across the United States. Thus, in case you wish to buy a Tesla model, you will have to contact the company directly.

Tesla was conducting the test drives for the Model S Sedan, the electric car which is one of the hottest topics of discussion among car maniacs. Model S starts from around about $70,000 which makes it in the reach for quite a few people all across the world. Thus, it becomes inevitable that the consumers will look forward to gather complete knowledge about the vehicle prior to buy the car.

Iowa is not the only place where Tesla is facing such situations. There are many states where Tesla does have a gallery but since it is not listed as an authorized dealer, they cannot make any deal or even render information about the car. According to some, this might be a ploy planned by the various automobile deals across the world in their states to keep Tesla out.

On the other hand, Tesla motors are on the rise in Hong Kong as the markets are expanding. Tesla is looking forward to increase the number of men working as the sales have been on the rise since the launch of the Model S Sedan in Hong Kong. With the rise of the market in Southeast Asia, Tesla is looking forward to taking the productions up to 100,000 and the annual worldwide sales up to 500,000.

The experts believe that, the market in the southeastern part of Asia can easily be the breeding grounds for electric cars simply because of the lack of pollution. The way the market is expanding in these parts, it will not be long before matching the American markets.

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  1. This is why those kids and teachers walked out of school in Colorado. They were going to be required to believe in and teach a free market economy based on propaganda, rather than, that the market is fixed. There is no level playing field. Invention and imagination, innovation must be thwarted so that vested interest can keep miking all they can out of their old technologies.

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