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Angry Birds Transformers to rock on iOS first, Android later

Rovio is all set to unveil an all new avatar of Angry Birds in October 2014. The slingshot app has got a complete makeover in its latest version and is hitting your handsets very soon. The game adorns a transformers theme where the angered birds have lots more to chirp about.angry-birds-transformers

All your slingshot friends are now transformed as Autobirds with more appeal and arsenal. The official trailer of the game shows them fighting the rioting Eggbots. The soft-launch in Finland and New Zealand is just the beginning. Rovio is all set to launch the game globally on platforms iOS, Android and Amazon.

The action-packed game will have lots of firepower and battling involved. The transformed game will have the birds running through many obstacles and shooting the enemies while doing so. You can choose both Autobirds and Deceptihogs to fight and save the Piggy Island. Both Autobirds and Deceptihogs have a high-tech transformers-like Autobots.

There will be lots and lots of shooting and destroying in this power packed game. The characters of both Autobirds and Deceptihogs will also be upgraded as you level up in the game, adding more fun. Also fighting the mighty Eggbots and finding the Eggspark will be easier with the teammate mode, where you can destroy the enemy and save your world together.

From the slingshot to this arcade like gaming, Rovio has been consistent with the thrill. The transformers look and feel will entice the fans from both gaming and fantasy worlds. The birds are in disguise and can take transform according to the situation, taking down their enemy with this surprise element. The fans of the cartoon as well as smartphone app are going to have a great time exploring the yet to be launched worldwide game. The trailer has left us anticipating and waiting for October 15th (iOS), October 30th (Android) and November 5th (Amazon).

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