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Twitter to allow users to add to wish list on Amazon

The Shopaholics will certainly feel a bit better with the news that Amazon Inc. has released a new hashtag that will allow the customers to directly add items to their wish list just with a tweet. All you will be needed to do is use the hashtag, #AmazonWishList and the tweet must contain the list to the item that you are looking for. This collaborated step taken in by Amazon and Twitter will certainly add as a catalyst for the shoppers who are extremely active on Twitter as well.Twitter to allow users to add to wish list on Amazon

One can easily say that Twitter just became another portal to manage your Wish list on Amazon. According to the reports, the customers intend to add something to their Amazon Wish list need to send a Tweet containing the hashtag #AmazonWishList and the list of the product you wish to have. Once you are done with it, the MyAmazon twitter account will reply with the information about the product, its availability, when it gets added to your list, how and when you can buy it, etc.

This is not the first time when Twitter has joined hands with Amazon to improve shopping experience for the customers. Amazon in the past has used the hashtag #AmazonCart, to allow the users to add items to their cart directly. It is undoubted that Twitter is ramping up the operations to add a variety of services for shoppers. In any case, for the above mentioned hashtags to work, the users will have to link their Twitter and Amazon accounts.

According to the rumors, Twitter is also gearing up for services like ‘Shop Now’, ‘Payments’, etc., which points to a scenario where the social network might be planning to launch a native shopping service in the near future.

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