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Apple defends iPhone 6 Plus bending, says only 8-9 users reported the issue

The celebrations of the first weekend iPhone sales are likely to be over by now as the newly launched phones are being trolled. First the Apple software glitch, which was aborted eventually due to innumerable customer complaints and now the review posted by Unbox Therapy showing a bending iPhone 6. The viral video shows that the latest offering from Apple is not up to the mark, as it bends at the edges. The customers who are buying such high-end phones do not expect such a design flaw (referred to as bendgate) and are every bit infuriated.iphone-6-plus-bendtest

This week for Apple has been full of explanations and faults. The company came out with explanations regarding the bendgate issue. According to Apple’s official spokeswoman the bendgate flaw is extremely rare when you use the phone normally. Only 8-9 customers have contacted the company regarding iPhone 6 Plus bending problem. The materials and construction is top-notch like previous editions of iPhones and all the phones are properly tested. Apple continues to defend all the bending reports saying that their phone’s shell is loaded with extra aluminium strength to tackle the stress effectively.

The Android v/s iPhone trolls have made it even a bigger laughter ride and most of the loyal Apple fans are now paying the price. Most users are unhappy as the trolls are showing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending in their trousers. People are posting pictures and videos on the internet to prove their point and it seems that Apple’s defensive strategy is not working at all. The loyal fans of iPhones might have nightmares about their beloved gadget. The company surely needs to be reminded of their former CEO’s ethos of making a dent in the universe, not a bend in their on phones. Surely Apple has a lot of damage control to do now.

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