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Passport, a CRAZY SQUARE smartphone from BlackBerry

Smartphone maker Blackberry is trying to just unveiled its latest device called Passport. Hailed as a game changer, this is not just a smart phone with a QWERTY keyboard. The unique thing about this mobile is its shape. Blackberry Passport is a square shaped device with a dual-control physical keyboard. Launched on September 24, the Canadian Company hopes to increase profits and stay in the smartphone market. This phone is an impressive attempt by Blackberry as it has many new features for you.blackberry-passport

Regular smartphone users may be reluctant to choose it just because of the CRAZY SQUARE design. As Blackberry Passport is a little odd looking device, when you first see it. But it the makers have tried an all new design and filled it with innovative, technical and useful features. The screen size is bigger (around 4.5-inch) and the display is rather good. The keyboard has extended features, where it can act like a touch pad as well. The keys are touch sensitive and can be used in ways like scrolling the page in reading mode. Typing swiftly for instance is easier and faster with Blackberry Passport.

Although the square shape is not so common for a smart phone, but it looks decent overall. The width and height make it a two-handed phone. The device is more suited to working class users, rather than multimedia and gaming. The stainless steel frame makes it a tough and strong built device. The phone has Blackberry 10.3 OS and runs on a Quad-core processor. The 13MP camera provides good image quality and the phone also has optical image stabilizing software. It is available in stores as well as online from the date of launch. From first impressions and specifications, it will surely get Blackberry ahead of its current market situation.

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