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Samsung Galaxy S5 tips and tricks the owner of the handset must know

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphone that has been manufactured by Samsung Corporations. The Korean giant has loaded tons of features in the Samsung Galaxy S5, that allows to user to experience the technological advancement.SM-G800H_GS5 mini_White_10

Finger Print Scan Unlocking Feature: The Samsung Galaxy S5 powered with fingerprint scanner that is located over the home screen button of the device. The fingerprint scanner is hidden beneath the home screen button, that allows you to protect your personal data from others. Even you can protect your personal data from your friends and family members through finger print scanner locking system.

Galaxy S5 Basic Mode: You can use the basic mode for simple and basic features of the device, it offers a more simple interface for people who wants to be simple. You can switch to the Easy Mode in the settings tab, and it leads you to find the apps and features easily.

Voice Control: The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with the intelligence and smartness, it can be controlled through voice based controls and applications such as Google Now and S-Voice. By using these applications, Users can control the Samsung Galaxy S5 from making calls to watching videos. You can simply activate these settings through the application settings.

Answer calls automatically by simply picking up: The Samsung Galaxy S5 powered with various sensors and this lets you to answer the call by simply picking up the device. When you were picking up your mobile and placing the device near your ear will automatically answer the call. This can be activated by accessing settings -> Motions and Gestures -> Direct Call.

Lower Batter Consumption: The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with an ultra power saver mode that makes the device to run for a longer period of time. This mode reduces the power consumption of the device by turn off the display and limit the application access. Even, you can make calls, send texts and do other necessary functions. The ultra power saving mode saves more than 5% of the battery and makes the device to run for longer periods.

Faster downloads: Samsung Galaxy S5 has a download booster application that allows the users to combine the LTE and WiFi together, this allows you to download large files very quickly without any sort of hassle.

Easier Multi-Tasking: The Samsung Galaxy S5 allows the users to run more than two applications at a same time and also you can run multi window mode too. From Multi window mode, you can use more than two applications simultaneously on the device.

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