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Upcoming Tech Projects That Could Revolutionize Your Daily Life

Recent advancement in the technology has made the manufacturers to think too far and released so many smart gadgets in the global tech market. Improvement in technology has made you think beyond the imagination level and as far we have seen, there are hundreds of projects are coming out every day.TouchPico

Although many of them are still in development stage, here I have mentioned few tech projects that change your day to day activities.

Anti-Drowsy driving headset: Anti-Drowsy driving headset scans your brain waves to find out whether you were sleeping or not and wakes you if you were falling asleep. In the United States, drowsy driving causes approximately 100,000 car accident every year and 1,550 death trolls every year. Katherine Wu, a 13 year old kid designed a headset that measures the waves sent right from your brain when you were falling asleep.
The headset designed by Katherine Wu, will sharply alert the users when they were falling asleep by using lights and audio to bring them to concentration. Anti-Drowsy driving headset prevents the unavoidable risk that you’re facing every day.

TouchPico Projectors: The new Apple iPhone 6 might have a bigger screen, but what will happen if you turn your whole living room wall into a screen. TouchPico projector runs on Android app and it tracks the movement of stylus over the wall through an infrared stylus. The project will reach the market on October 15 this year.

App to clear traffic for ERV: When an emergency response vehicles are coming, this application alerts the driver before they hear siren sound. Whatever it might be, whether it’s a fire, crime or a medical emergency vehicle, you will be getting notified with the help of this application before it arrives. Viney Kumar got an idea for developing this application; instead of scrambling the traffic when an emergency vehicle arrives, this application will warn the drivers in the road before the vehicle arrives.

Solar-Powered Portable Fridge: Solar-Powered Portable Fridge allows you to keep your food cold with the help of solar energy. This Fridge is metal framed, portable and can be charged through the solar panel as well as car lighter. Solar-Powered Portable Fridge can be folded and you can carry it like a briefcase, while you were travelling.

FuelWear: FuelWear is a smart jacket that allows you to keep warm and also provides you a smart temperature control. FuelWear is developed by the University of Toronto’s Entrepreneurship Hatchery and FuelWear allows you to keep warm in winter season. It is powered by Li-Ion battery with heating control, that allows you to choose the temperature according to your choice.

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